There simply isn’t enough time to capture every element of who Eddie Mason is as a person. The NFL Prep 100 Series’ Director of On-Field Operations has been instrumental in developing a program that allows for the Prep 100 student-athlete to maximize his own potential through hands-on character and football skills development.

Eddie has brought nothing but positive energy and mindset that creates a better overall experience for the student-athletes. There are many different combines and camps out there ranging from regional to position-specific, but one of the things that separates the NFL Prep 100 Series from the rest are people like Eddie Mason. He has been able to create an environment on the field that reinforces all the information student-athletes receive in the classroom. Our goal at the NFL Player Engagement Department is not only to prepare student-athletes for a life in professional athletics, but also to give them the tools and resources to be successful in any endeavor they choose to undertake.

We are proud to have Eddie Mason as the leader of our coaching staff for the 2014 NFL Prep 100 series, and hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about the man Eddie is off the field.

PE) Give us a little bit of your history… Where did you grow up? What did you do as a kid? What were your aspirations other than being a professional football player?

EM) I was born and raised in Siler City, North Carolina. I loved to play outside… Whether that was fishing or playing football, I was a very active kid you could say. I really wanted to be a Naval Seal as a kid, but found a different battlefield on Saturdays and Sundays.

PE) What college did you attend and why? What did you study?

EM) I attended the University of North Carolina. I became a Tar Heel because I loved the academic institution, environment, and football program. It was closer to home than some of the other schools I was considering, but ultimately I know I made the right decision. I studied Social Psychology and received my degree in 1995.

PE) What have you been doing as a new career after your NFL experience?

EM) After football I transitioned to a career of Sports and Fitness Training.  I love engaging adults, kids and student athletes on a mental, physical and spiritual level in order to bring about true change and to bring out their best.  It is my heart’s passion to continue this ministry of life improvement for the rest of my life.

PE) What is your proudest non-football related accomplishment?

EM) My proudest moments are the day I became a father, the day I was married to the love of my life, and through prayer, contemplation, and action, receiving salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

PE) What has been the most rewarding aspect of working with the NFL Player Engagement Department and the PREP 100 Series?

EM) Being able to help guide these young men through our life experiences and empower them to be great on and off the field of play.  It is our goal to change the culture of football, the way it is evaluated, trained, and developed from a human perspective first and athletic prowess second.  NFL PREP 100 and its academies will be the new future and way to engage athletes on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.

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